Thursday, January 24, 2008

Official Moving Days Information

Following the tragic flooding of our shop on Pennsylvania Avenue, Wheels for Winners Earn-a-Bike Program has successfully signed a lease for an exciting new location. We would love all of our friends to come out and help us to spruce up the new digs and to help us move in. We have two work days set up for general mass volunteer help.

Saturday, February 2: WORK DAY! This will be the day for building/reconstructing racks, installing a shop sink, adding electrical outlets, etc. It would also be a fine day to start moving smaller items, such as parts bins, and office equipment. Especially need those who have expertise in plumbing, electrical work, or construction. We may also begin deconstruction of bike storage at old shop if we have enough volunteers.
Meet at the new shop at 10am at 229 S Fair Oaks Ave (At corner of Atwood and Fair Oaks in same building as the clothing shop. Our entrance is around back by the giant garage door.). We will go until 5pm or later depending on interest. Drop-ins welcome for however long you'd like to stay.

Saturday, February 9: MOVING DAY! This is when the bulk of the move will occur. We need all hands, all vehicles, and as many strong backs as we can muster.
Meet at the old shop at 10am at 2310 Pennsylvania Ave (Near Oscar Meyer…between 1st and 6th Street). We will go until 5pm or later depending on interest. Drop-ins welcome for however long you'd like to stay.

The wish list:
- Lumber: 2x4's and 2x6's for racks, framing lumber and subfloor
- Bike hooks
- Shop sink, faucet, and plumbing supplies
- Shop lights, 4-socket wall outlets, electrical wire and nuts
- The talents of a plumber
- The talents of an electrician
- Replacements for any office supplies that were damaged/destroyed.
- People with power tools and hand tools on Feb 2nd
- People with trucks, vans, and trailers on Feb 9th
- People willing to carry stuff on Feb 9th

If you have questions, drop us a line at (phone coverage will be spotty in the coming few weeks). Updates on volunteer needs and scheduling at and/or

Thanks in advance for your help and support…the kids of Dane County appreciate it!
-The Wheels for Winners Board


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