Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sat., March 10th at the W4W shop

Fred Appleton and I showed up at 9 a.m. on Saturday, hooked up the trailer and made another run to the Ironworks. Consequently the bikes are starting to come out of the woodwork there at the W4W shop. We've got well over a 100 bikes ready to roll! We likely need to ramp up on some outreach to community organizations.

I also cc'd or bcc'd some of you in regards to the fellow from Dane Co. Transitional School (?) coming by on Monday, Mar. 19th to drop off some bikes they refurbed and take a look at our repair shop. So that will be another 10 bikes either ready or near-ready to go.

Ryan Scheurman (sp?) showed up towards the end of the day...he would like to start volunteering on Saturdays, which'd be a great thing. If anyone can followup with him that'd be great...I made sure he signed up his e-mail address on the roster there at the shop. He said he filled in a volunteer app some time ago, so that should already be on file.

Which brings me to my next topic. On short notice I've got to go to Austin to help my aunt. That means I will miss the board meeting on Wed., and my shop shift on Thursday (6-8). I contacted Mark & Micah Buffat who often come in on Tursday nights, gave Mark a shop key to let himself in if no-one is there to open the shop. Further, this coming Sat., Mar 17th is not covered as far as someone opening the shop.

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