Monday, February 19, 2007

Moved some bikes from Ironworks...

Last Saturday, Feb. 17th, Mark Evans and I moved a load of bikes from the Ironworks to the W4W shop. 95% of these bikes were bikes that were refurbed by W4W some time ago and stored offsite. Hopefully the Mon and Wed afternoon folks can check these bikes over, pump up tires, etc.

There is a huge pile of scrap bikes outside the shop, thet need to be taken to the recycler.

Mark and I will hopefully make another run, moving bikes from Ironworks to the W4W, next Sat., Feb. 24th.

We could really use help hauling scrap bikes to recycler.

Good news is that we've got a bunch of bikes ready to hand out.

Would also be good to ramp up outreach to community organizations that would be receiving bikes in the future.



At 9:12 AM, Blogger mark_evans said...

It's a shame the Ironworks is being taken down. That's a pretty cool old joint (if not HUGE!). It's got all sorts of history written across the rafters.

With luck, the wrecking ball will be able to take some junkers that we don't need.


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