Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Backyard Hero

FYI: The board nominated Charolette for Community Shares backyard hero...but because she had already been honored by them, they couldn't honor her again. Instead, they will honor Walt Brinkman.

Thanks to both of then for all of their hard work for Wheels over the years.

Monday, February 19, 2007

DCBA Grant & thanks to Sat. volunteers

DCBA (Dane County Bicycle Association) has given Wheels for Winners a grant.
We'd all like to thank Jessica G. for attended the DCBA meeting.

I'd also like to thank Don Schantz, our steadfast 3rd Saturday fo the month volunteer.
As well as Richard Castelnuovo for his continual showing up to help and also opening the shop Sat., Feb. 10.

Thanks everybody.


Charlotte has suggested reserving a shelter in some park and having a 'Party in the Park' as soon as the weather is warm enough to warrant.

There is a shelter in the park across from the W4W shop.

Charlotte and the Mon/Wed crew have been setting aside the proceeds from recycling for this purpose.


Moved some bikes from Ironworks...

Last Saturday, Feb. 17th, Mark Evans and I moved a load of bikes from the Ironworks to the W4W shop. 95% of these bikes were bikes that were refurbed by W4W some time ago and stored offsite. Hopefully the Mon and Wed afternoon folks can check these bikes over, pump up tires, etc.

There is a huge pile of scrap bikes outside the shop, thet need to be taken to the recycler.

Mark and I will hopefully make another run, moving bikes from Ironworks to the W4W, next Sat., Feb. 24th.

We could really use help hauling scrap bikes to recycler.

Good news is that we've got a bunch of bikes ready to hand out.

Would also be good to ramp up outreach to community organizations that would be receiving bikes in the future.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Moving bikes...

We've got to vacate our storage space at the Ironworks by sometime in March (I forget exactly when). I'm hoping that this coming weekend we can make a 'first pass' at moving some bikes from the Ironworks to the W4W shop. Anybody want to help? Contact me. Kim ( Thanks.