Monday, January 08, 2007

Saturday in the shop 1-6... Clearing out Everything!

Another Saturday in the shop... another humorous session with Richard Castelnuovo... if anyone wants ot have a fun AND educational time... volunteer on Saturdays.

In light of our high inventory of repaired bikes PLUS a load of bikes (repaired and otherwise) at the IRONWORKS, AND the impending loss of that space for storage,I took it upon myself to REDUCE our stock of old, rusty, unuseable bikes at the Wheels shop. Since we have a new recycle guy -- who can take the bikes without needing them disassembled, we can now 'trailer' bikes whole. I went thru the pile just behind the repaired bike area, and also thru some of the hooks. Many bikes still have a 1-1-04 inventory tag on them... which means they have been hanging for over 3 years and not selected as a repair candidate.

Criteria I used for bike disposal/recycle:

AN adult bike in deplorable condition (appears to have been out in the rain for 2 years)
An adult bike in mediocre condition and having a name like: Huffy, Roadmaster, ACME, no-name
A kid bike missing parts
A kid bike in poor shape, rusty, repainted. dinged up
A kid bike that looks REALLY old (kids don't like OLD things). of course if it is a decent Schwinn, it's kept
A kid bike that we already have 20 of that kind (e.g. the 'barbie' bike)
I also culled thru the parts bins, taking out no-name rear derailleurs, drop forged crap brakes, and other junk. Despite all that, I only cleared maybe 25-30% of the stuff there. I also got a few collectible parts for the SWAP (3-speed hubs, Simplex Derailleurs, etc)

I basically cleared out the middle of the shop so you can walk back to the 'cage' (that metal structure against the wall.

Thinks I kept:

Decent youth bikes that appeared to be new in lat 2-3 years
Decent adult bikes with the intention of posting them for donation sales or SWAP
The key here is if they are being kept for sale/donation, we have to get on that, and price them to move (space... we need space!)

I also harverted some parts (reflectors, pedals, cable clips, etc)

As brutal as this is, I think it is CRUCIAL as we are running short of space and short of time when it comes to relocating the stored bikes

Organizing the SWAP volunteer shifts is a trick! We need volunteers!



At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Tim said...

I met one of the guys at the swap and after talking with him for a short while and grabbing your brochure I was very impressed with your mission. (I was the guy looking for an old 70's Suntour five speed Der. Ok, maybe one of many guys looking for a Suntour Der.!)

I am in the process of opening a bike service shop in NE Wisconsin and have been asked to take many old bikes that people don't use anymore. I originally thought I would fix them and sell them but now I am thinking I can operate a small scale W4W style operation in my area. Thanks for the motivation to give something back to my little community.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger mark_evans said...

Thanks for the comment.

I've often thought this sort of organization would be invaluable in a smaller community.
Hope it works for you.



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