Monday, October 30, 2006

Saturday in the shop: Clearing out old road bike frames again

Saturday 10-28

By 11Am the door was thrown open to let in the ever lower shafts of sunlight to warm the shop. I realize that this may be one of the last warm ones of the season, and with daylight savings or CST or whatever, the light for the night shifts is all but done now.

I spent most of my shift making hard decisions about the piles of junk and junk bikes and the lack of space for new (perhaps better, up-to-date) donations. I appropriated some of the hooks in the closet with the sink for potential SWAP meet classics (the Collegiate, the aforementioned 'Kensington' etc.), and also for some saleable adult frames (for our 'Fixed gear' brethren who swarm the streets in ever increasing numbers). I broke down 3 old adult steel road bikes that have been eating space, and on Saturday posted them on Craigslist as 'donation' frames (a Panasonic, Gitane, and a beat-to-heck Schwinn World). All are typical steel frame choices for singel/fixed riders. Already I have gotten a nibble on two of them... expect to see donations in the jar by midweek.

During the clear out of the sink closet, I rearranged some of the overflowing crates of parts to make passage easier. I also cleared out most of the dinged up steel wheel rims to the recylce trailer (we have enough aluminum wheel rimes of similar sizes; if we are going to replace a wheel, better to put a light weight rim on vs. the heavy steel).

From there I moved to the claustophobic back rows, pulling more stacked up and stashed steel rims, removed rotted rubber and piled them on the recycle trailer. I made some dent in the piles. Much work needs to be done here, and we can talk more about this at upcoming board meetings.

On Friday, after dropping off the Trek donations, Kim and I spied a wrecker backing up to take a wrecked car away from Bills Auto. I joked, "so are you here to haul the trailer of steel bike parts?" the driver replied, "sure, I can toss a bunch of those parts in the junker for you... make yer pile a little shorter." Kim and I looked at each other and said "Sure!" so the pile is a bit shorter now on the trailer.

The stalwart Richard Castelnuovo arrived around noon, riding one of his fixed up bikes to the shop. Richard is a great guy and a great mechanic, and he has the habit of picking out a bike that has potential, getting the crank in shape to ride, and then rides it home to work on during the week... then returns with it the following saturday. it is always a lively shift if Richard turns up.

Iliterally blew home on my bike that afternoon, buffeted by very strong NW winds.


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