Monday, October 02, 2006

Oct 7th shop

So...I've never actually opened the shop before. I might be willing to do this coming Sat (Oct 7th), but can someone give me the crash course? How do I give out a bike, for instance? What volunteers ought I to expect (names)? What hours (how long) do I need to be there?


At 9:51 AM, Blogger JBavet said...

At this point, I'm planning to be there on 10/7 too. However, as a new volunteer, I'm not completely comfortable with the whole process of giving out bikes (tho I've certainly watched Mark give them out to crews of up to 5 at a time! -- that would make me sweat for sure!!). To prepare for Saturday, and this process, I'm hiping to run though the process carefully with Kim this Thursday evening.

I'm wondering, if Darwin and I are both there, need I stay the whole shift? I've got a bit of painting to do at home if the weather is cooperative and so would be interested in coordinating the time with Darwin so we provide full coverage. Of course if it's raining or very cold, I'll probably stay the whole shift.


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