Monday, September 25, 2006

Saturday, in the shop... definitely not the 4th of July

Another nice Saturday in the Wheels Shop.

The Crew was the awesome father-son combo of Jay and Erick, plus the old timer, yours truly, Mark E. (gee... I think I'm coming up on my first anniversary in the joint!)

Here we are perusing the acres of bikes (kidding)

Weather was pleasant enough to raise the garage door. No crowds around the stadium to battle on my way in... and I brough a few carrot muffins we made... hope they aren't drawing flies on Charlotte's desktop!.

Erick, who is part of the Mentor program, is a cracker-jack mechanic. He has a sharp eye, and did a great job on the bike that I saw him working on. There were a few odd-ball issues (like a bent brake arm and non-original bearings, front and back, that weren't quite the right size to start with), and he tweaked them out just fine. He even figured out out how to tighten bearing sets while the wheel was Still mounted on the bike (hats off to Chuck Strawser for that trick!). I won't be surprised if he shows up in the back of Budget bike's repair shop someday.

Jay was hard at work, cleaning up some of the crate mess in one of the closets. He carved out a path to walk, and then sorted the helmets into sizes. Organization is key to keeping things under control.

Since our inventory is up (thanks in large part to the retrieval of some nice looking bikes from the barn in Marshall), organizing and breaking down bikes is a logical task. We broke down some of the rusty, gas-pipe road bikes that are accumulating in the racks. Jay is really a bull dog when it comes to getting the aluminum apart from the steel (going at it with hacksaws and everything). The trailer is ready to go with what looks like a well sorted mess-o-steel. We also have a large pile of trash tires. Is it Tuesday that is garbage night??

No bike earners this saturday. The season is definitely turning. On tuesday, I'll definietly need a headlight heading home.


At 5:32 PM, Blogger Darwin said...

Thanks for the post Mark...I love it in both content and style.
There sure are some fine folks associated with this bucket o bolts we call Wheels for Winners. I'm glad to be a part of it.


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