Thursday, August 24, 2006

Miscellaneous stuff from Wed., Aug. 23

I dropped by the shop Wed., Aug. 23. Fred, Walt, Charlotte and Erick Fruehling (Cap Time 'Mentee' ) were there. Everyone in fine fettle.

- Charlotte showed me the lease renewal notification.
* Current lease ends Nov. 1, 2006...current rent is $636
* If we sign for a new 1-yr lease, there is a 6% increase to $675/mo.
* If we sign for a new 2-yr lease, there is a 3% increase to $655/mo.
Charlotte thought the old Salvation Army/Goodwill drop-off site on University would be a good place to move to, but the 'For Lease' sign disappeared.

- Fred wondered if someone wants to share going to CSW (Community Shares) meetings. He currently is meeting our commitment of attending 30 hours/year of meetings. We receive some $1500/year from CSW/CHIP.

- Last person to use the trailer did not put the key back in the correct spot. It should go in the cash box...not the upper righthand drawer of the desk

- Charlotte was wondering if anyone has a copy of the Channel 15 feature spot on W4W. She wishes she could see it. Anybody know if we can obtain it from Channel 15

- Fred volunteered to go along to pick up the stored, repaired bikes some Thurs. or Tues. It'd require a follow-up to Chuck McFarland's friend.

That's it for now.



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