Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wrenching photos

Here are a few digi pics from Wildly Successful 24 hours of Wrenching at W4w
I stoppd by three times and it was a blast. I must say that after 6.5 hours of standing and scooting around on Saturday am, I was beat. I cannot imagine how Jessica, Gail, and who ever else was around during the 'night owl' shift made out the next day.
At left: Jessica wrenching at 5:30AM (beautiful light, eh?)

For some reason when I put these pics up, they will not go in chronological order (is anything logical with computers?)
So these pics are actually backward -- starting with Saturday am then Friday at noon.
I'm mad cause the above picture was fuzzy cause I
had it on the wrong setting.(arggh! I was getting fuzzy too)
Left to right: Director Julie, the Powell's (Dan, and his dad to the left
I can't remember his name, but he has worked at
Earn-a-Bike orgs in Cleveland and Detroit, and he thought our
shop was the best), Paul, and Arthur.

Left: Arthur finishing up a Pacific bike and Julie scooting around
Right: The Powell's came late in the morning but did a great job of tearing down.

Below: Tom Barry finds the part!
Right: Tim S. tunes up a headset.
below: One volunteer took avantage of the break room to nap.

A catchy sign brought in the masses.
Good sport Tom Barry assists Ace mechanic Arther with a 16mm box end wrench.

I have a few more pics. I hope someone out there took some of the overnight shift... I heard it was wonderfully wild.



At 7:20 AM, Blogger gail said...

thanks, Mark--it was fantastic! we had a huge turnout and it was a blast...i wonder how many bikes we got up and running again? i guess we'll all trade anecdotes at the next board meeting!

At 9:03 AM, Blogger mark_evans said...

I didn't count exactly, but I'd say close to 20 bikes 'repaired' (we'll see what day shift master mechanics say).

What was more significant was the number of bikes that were torn down and moved out on the trailer. Pretty much cleared the outside rack (tho 3 more arrived with some late volunteers). There were quite a few rusty bikes taken off the hooks in back as well, so we have some new room to hang ready-to-repair bikes.

We also sent a 'classic' bike out the door for a donation from one of the wrenchers.

We didn't quite capture names for all volunteers, but we should create some sort of big THANK YOU to send out to any we did get e-mail addresses from. I will post a big thank you on the mad bikers group.


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