Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tuesday NIght, 7-18 in the Shop

Tuesday night in the shop:

Not quite as hot as an oven in the shop. Opening the garage door really helps to make it pleasant.
Focused on making space with an eye for this weekend's big Wrench-o-Rama.

I reorganized the rows of fixed bikes, condensed them, inserted bikes into the open slots on the racks.
I managed to create a space just inside the garage door where we could possibly put a fourth work stand. I moved the moveable (on wheels) workstand into that area to see how much elbow room there would be. It's not so bad. A couple 'Wrenchers' have said they might bring their own tools, so this could work. Light over there is so so... if anyone has any portable light stands (hooked trouble lights, bright work/painting lights on stands, etc) bring them in. I have a couple heavy duty extension cords (20' and maybe 50' in length) that I'll bring.

A fellow named Jay Freehling (sp?) arrived just after 6PM. He had stopped in on Saturday, filled out a volunteer form, and came back. I told him we usually grind volunteers thru an FBI database, but we would make an exception in his case (turn away a live volunteer? are you kidding?) He mentioned he has a 15-year old son who he wants to get involved too... I whole heartedly endorsed it. I offered to have him repair or tear down. We decided in the spirit of making room and therapy, We'd tear down. Between us we tore down about 6 bikes. I took some out of the pile (so we could get thru the shop) and one or two off the hooks. Somehow it didn't look any less cluttered. We did our best with an eye towards recycling (magnets don't stick to aluminum!)

We need to solidify the trash/recycle thing.
Does Charlotte have any idea what the procedure is?

A spry fella in his 80's dropped off two bikes. '77 Sekai Road bikes, matching men's and women's, with owner's manuals, Yellow Jersey docs, and a catalog (sheesh). Cool old bikes but Useless for the earn-a-biker crowd -- and not really super collectible. With the board's approval, I sent a note to the west side fellow who hauled away some old frames saturday for a donation. They are taking up space so the sooner we move them out the better.

An idea that germinated in my brain (dangerous!):

if you are in the shop in the next couple days, identify some clean looking bikes with POTENTIAL and make some sort of tag on them. Make these priority bikes for WRENCHERS. Start with cleaner, complete bikes (vs. scratchy frames that are missing wheels or parts). Increases success rates and numbers of complete bikes. Perhaps I'll call the shop today and suggest Fred, Walt, and or Charlotte ID a few bikes this way. Thursday night staff could do the same. I'll drop by Thursday for a few minutes as well.

okay... I've rambled



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