Friday, July 07, 2006

Thurs., 7/6...

It was Richard Castelnuovo and me last night.

Re: Saturdays - Mark did July 1; I will come in this Sat., 7/8; Don is scheduled for July 15; Repair-a-thon is July 21-22; Richard (back from Italy) will open July 29.

We still have the tandem and a few other bikes and some more parts at REI. I e-mailed Ambra and will try to get back there ASAP.

Chuck Strawser assessed the REI bikes stored at the Ironworks, Sigrun came along too. Chuck sold one of the old road bikes to a friend for $100 (I think). We need to probably move bikes from the W4W shop to the Ironworks. The trailer needs to get emptied to accomplish this.

Richard remarked on the fact that a lot of the W4W volunteers don't know about the Repair-A-Thon. He didn't.

The dumpster is no longer in the parking lot...I don't think it ever got emptied anyway. We need to figure out the trash pickup and get trash out on the curb on a more regular basis.

Etc., etc.


At 1:40 PM, Blogger gail said...

hey Kim, can someone email or call all of the volunteers and maybe put a poster up in the shop to let them know about our 24 hour party! gail


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