Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sat., July 15th...

Don Schantz opened the shop today, Sat., , just as he has done every third Saturday of the month for as long as I can remember. By 11 a.m. the shop was getting hot as an oven.

I stopped by while running errands and because I had accidently pocketed a wrench from the shop that I needed to return.

The guy from the West side that Mark has been talking to showed up, he took one or two old ten speeds, a Raleigh Grand Prix and maybe something else. I think he was going to leave a contribution but I left before he did.

Another fella came in with his son (East High School student). The dad brought in a completed volunteer form and is intending on coming in Tues +/or Thurs +/or Sat. The son will try to decide if he wants to do the Cap Times mentor program. His dad sure thought it was a good idea, but his son was doing a teen-age boy thing and not saying much.

I gave a couple bikes out on Thursday, 7/13.

On Wed., 7/12 Walt bought and applied some hornet poison to get rid of some wasps that had decided the trailer outside the shop would be a good place to nest.

That's it.


At 11:43 AM, Blogger mark_evans said...

The guy from the west side...
I hoped that he (I believe his name is Tom Barry) would have contacted me before stopping in. I wonder if he pulled the old Dunelt off the ceiling, hanging above the truing stand. It's a neat old bike but a basket case. If he didn't, he will come back for it as he asked specifically about it.

I have a working sketch of a sign for the Wrench-a-thon, but implementing it will be interesting... that is, figuring out a way to truss it up so it is visible... and illuminating it.

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