Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bits and bites and upcoming nights

Just a few updates and reminders:

A fellow who dropped off some donated stuff (tires/tubes/a bike), and who works for TREK gave me his work e-mail and stated that if I sent him a note about volunteer ops (plus the Wrench-O-Rama), he'd post the info on the local TREK biz board. Perhaps we'll get some folks straggling in from that for the reg shifts of or the massive wheel bearing 're-packing' on Jully 21.

I will try to figure out when I can post myself for the Wrench-o-Rama (time wise). Perhaps board members should queue for shifts, or 'approximate' shift times:


12 to 4Pm
4-8m pm

midnight til? (the 'Crazeology' shift... ".. and not to reappear on this show for at least 7 years.")
6am til ? (the EVP Coffee shift)
I might be convinced to do an early morning stint -- 6am until 10 or noon Saturday.

Perhaps we should clear out the stack-o-bikes -- just north of the completed bikes, so we have extra inside areas to set up repair stands. Otherwise, we'd need some portable mega-lights and extension cords to set up 'al fresco' repair areas in the lot.

My Schedule:

I am entering survival mode for this weekends change of marital status. I am basically off from now until Tuesday July 18th

Charles Gervasi is slated to start coming in on July 11th. We'll need someone there to open and put on that unbeatable fresh W4W smiling face. Heck, we should start thinking in terms of Wheels for Winners water bottles and pens and such to give to new volunteers and perks.

Speaking of which... I have not gotten around to talking to High Impact about the sign.
Expect me to be back on the planet after next week.


At 4:34 PM, Blogger gail said...

hi Mark, i think every one should do what they can--i'm planning on getting there mid afternoon and staying through the night...i think it's important for as many of us as possible to be there most of it...but it's ok with me too if any one wants or needs to leave...and after all, you will be a newly wed! gail


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