Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wrenching photos

Here are a few digi pics from Wildly Successful 24 hours of Wrenching at W4w
I stoppd by three times and it was a blast. I must say that after 6.5 hours of standing and scooting around on Saturday am, I was beat. I cannot imagine how Jessica, Gail, and who ever else was around during the 'night owl' shift made out the next day.
At left: Jessica wrenching at 5:30AM (beautiful light, eh?)

For some reason when I put these pics up, they will not go in chronological order (is anything logical with computers?)
So these pics are actually backward -- starting with Saturday am then Friday at noon.
I'm mad cause the above picture was fuzzy cause I
had it on the wrong setting.(arggh! I was getting fuzzy too)
Left to right: Director Julie, the Powell's (Dan, and his dad to the left
I can't remember his name, but he has worked at
Earn-a-Bike orgs in Cleveland and Detroit, and he thought our
shop was the best), Paul, and Arthur.

Left: Arthur finishing up a Pacific bike and Julie scooting around
Right: The Powell's came late in the morning but did a great job of tearing down.

Below: Tom Barry finds the part!
Right: Tim S. tunes up a headset.
below: One volunteer took avantage of the break room to nap.

A catchy sign brought in the masses.
Good sport Tom Barry assists Ace mechanic Arther with a 16mm box end wrench.

I have a few more pics. I hope someone out there took some of the overnight shift... I heard it was wonderfully wild.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tuesday NIght, 7-18 in the Shop

Tuesday night in the shop:

Not quite as hot as an oven in the shop. Opening the garage door really helps to make it pleasant.
Focused on making space with an eye for this weekend's big Wrench-o-Rama.

I reorganized the rows of fixed bikes, condensed them, inserted bikes into the open slots on the racks.
I managed to create a space just inside the garage door where we could possibly put a fourth work stand. I moved the moveable (on wheels) workstand into that area to see how much elbow room there would be. It's not so bad. A couple 'Wrenchers' have said they might bring their own tools, so this could work. Light over there is so so... if anyone has any portable light stands (hooked trouble lights, bright work/painting lights on stands, etc) bring them in. I have a couple heavy duty extension cords (20' and maybe 50' in length) that I'll bring.

A fellow named Jay Freehling (sp?) arrived just after 6PM. He had stopped in on Saturday, filled out a volunteer form, and came back. I told him we usually grind volunteers thru an FBI database, but we would make an exception in his case (turn away a live volunteer? are you kidding?) He mentioned he has a 15-year old son who he wants to get involved too... I whole heartedly endorsed it. I offered to have him repair or tear down. We decided in the spirit of making room and therapy, We'd tear down. Between us we tore down about 6 bikes. I took some out of the pile (so we could get thru the shop) and one or two off the hooks. Somehow it didn't look any less cluttered. We did our best with an eye towards recycling (magnets don't stick to aluminum!)

We need to solidify the trash/recycle thing.
Does Charlotte have any idea what the procedure is?

A spry fella in his 80's dropped off two bikes. '77 Sekai Road bikes, matching men's and women's, with owner's manuals, Yellow Jersey docs, and a catalog (sheesh). Cool old bikes but Useless for the earn-a-biker crowd -- and not really super collectible. With the board's approval, I sent a note to the west side fellow who hauled away some old frames saturday for a donation. They are taking up space so the sooner we move them out the better.

An idea that germinated in my brain (dangerous!):

if you are in the shop in the next couple days, identify some clean looking bikes with POTENTIAL and make some sort of tag on them. Make these priority bikes for WRENCHERS. Start with cleaner, complete bikes (vs. scratchy frames that are missing wheels or parts). Increases success rates and numbers of complete bikes. Perhaps I'll call the shop today and suggest Fred, Walt, and or Charlotte ID a few bikes this way. Thursday night staff could do the same. I'll drop by Thursday for a few minutes as well.

okay... I've rambled


Monday, July 17, 2006

Wrench-A-Thon signage

I'm getting a 'sandwich' type sign together with some miscellaneous wood in the garage (my garage). These signs will go on either side (approx. 42" x 24" each). The paint was not quite dry, hence the shining or flashing in the pics. It's flat black paint.

I think if we place it at the end of the driveway, or maybe in the median (altho that may be unlawful) they can be seen from either direction.

Here's the kicker: I'm having a blast doing them with some tempera paint (pray for dry weather), and remembering that my dad did lots of freelance sign painting when I was a kid. If you have some produce that is on sale, I'll make a sign for you! He worked in this the upstairs of this industrial building in my home town, working with a huge fella named Pedro Krause. I used to go up there and mess around with media on Sunday afternoons while he did the sign work.

I hope they pass muster.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sat., July 15th...

Don Schantz opened the shop today, Sat., , just as he has done every third Saturday of the month for as long as I can remember. By 11 a.m. the shop was getting hot as an oven.

I stopped by while running errands and because I had accidently pocketed a wrench from the shop that I needed to return.

The guy from the West side that Mark has been talking to showed up, he took one or two old ten speeds, a Raleigh Grand Prix and maybe something else. I think he was going to leave a contribution but I left before he did.

Another fella came in with his son (East High School student). The dad brought in a completed volunteer form and is intending on coming in Tues +/or Thurs +/or Sat. The son will try to decide if he wants to do the Cap Times mentor program. His dad sure thought it was a good idea, but his son was doing a teen-age boy thing and not saying much.

I gave a couple bikes out on Thursday, 7/13.

On Wed., 7/12 Walt bought and applied some hornet poison to get rid of some wasps that had decided the trailer outside the shop would be a good place to nest.

That's it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Thurs., 7/6...

It was Richard Castelnuovo and me last night.

Re: Saturdays - Mark did July 1; I will come in this Sat., 7/8; Don is scheduled for July 15; Repair-a-thon is July 21-22; Richard (back from Italy) will open July 29.

We still have the tandem and a few other bikes and some more parts at REI. I e-mailed Ambra and will try to get back there ASAP.

Chuck Strawser assessed the REI bikes stored at the Ironworks, Sigrun came along too. Chuck sold one of the old road bikes to a friend for $100 (I think). We need to probably move bikes from the W4W shop to the Ironworks. The trailer needs to get emptied to accomplish this.

Richard remarked on the fact that a lot of the W4W volunteers don't know about the Repair-A-Thon. He didn't.

The dumpster is no longer in the parking lot...I don't think it ever got emptied anyway. We need to figure out the trash pickup and get trash out on the curb on a more regular basis.

Etc., etc.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bits and bites and upcoming nights

Just a few updates and reminders:

A fellow who dropped off some donated stuff (tires/tubes/a bike), and who works for TREK gave me his work e-mail and stated that if I sent him a note about volunteer ops (plus the Wrench-O-Rama), he'd post the info on the local TREK biz board. Perhaps we'll get some folks straggling in from that for the reg shifts of or the massive wheel bearing 're-packing' on Jully 21.

I will try to figure out when I can post myself for the Wrench-o-Rama (time wise). Perhaps board members should queue for shifts, or 'approximate' shift times:


12 to 4Pm
4-8m pm

midnight til? (the 'Crazeology' shift... ".. and not to reappear on this show for at least 7 years.")
6am til ? (the EVP Coffee shift)
I might be convinced to do an early morning stint -- 6am until 10 or noon Saturday.

Perhaps we should clear out the stack-o-bikes -- just north of the completed bikes, so we have extra inside areas to set up repair stands. Otherwise, we'd need some portable mega-lights and extension cords to set up 'al fresco' repair areas in the lot.

My Schedule:

I am entering survival mode for this weekends change of marital status. I am basically off from now until Tuesday July 18th

Charles Gervasi is slated to start coming in on July 11th. We'll need someone there to open and put on that unbeatable fresh W4W smiling face. Heck, we should start thinking in terms of Wheels for Winners water bottles and pens and such to give to new volunteers and perks.

Speaking of which... I have not gotten around to talking to High Impact about the sign.
Expect me to be back on the planet after next week.