Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tuesday Night in the Shop: Phil, calls, and old bikes

it was a snoozer in the shop this week...

I did clear a lot of voice mail, and called back and talked to a lot of answering machines. We are a popular organization. It seems that everyone has 40-50 kids who have earned their hours and are ready to collect a bike. OY! Let's hope some of them like 22.5" mixte Peugeot Women's road bikes (ha ha just kidding!). The 24 hour Wrench-a-Thon comes along at just the right time. Perhaps we need to diversify... create a West-Side Wheel's Branch? You know... with an esspresso bar, New York Times, therapist, and nail salon? (har har)

And where are those mysterious 30 bikes anyway?

A fella named Phil, a trek employee who used to 'wrench' for Wheels, stopped in with a real nice trick bike, a passel of 27" tires, and a box of tubes to donate. Had a nice chat about Trek, Wheels, and how he used to work with a bunch of High School kids that were associated with some mountain biking club at their school. I wish I knew what school he was talking about; HS kids in the summer would be a great resource during the summer weather. He gave me his card (at TREK) and told me to write him there. He would then put a post on the TREK board (at the TREK plant) to see if any TREK employees would want to 'wrench' volunteer for us in the shop. I'll ask him about the HS connection as well.

There are two doozy classics in the rack out back. One is a Roadmaster Skyrider balloon tire bike with a huge basket. A bit faded. The other is a nifty Dunelt 3-speed (British made... must be early 60's). They've both seen better days, but might be salvageable? Do we hang them on the ceiling for Swap material? They aren't as 'ready to go' as some of the swap gems. There is a fella on the west side that fixes up old 3-speeds and cruisers. One idea I had was to contact him and find out if he had any newer fixed up kids bikes and swap these 'projects' for kids bikes; then we inspect the kids bike, and send them out the door.

of course, we could just recycle

see how my mind works? and I have to live with it everyday


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