Saturday, June 24, 2006

Thurs., 6/22 and Sat., 6/23 at the W4W shop...

Thursday night Sean dropped by. His wife's bike, which she earned from Wheels needed some new cable housing for the rear shifter which I gladly took care of. Later, Mark and Micah dropped by as well. Micah rebuilt a bike a while ago and enjoyed the process so much that he came back to refurb another one.

Sat., 6/24, Julie opened the shop. I got there later and after a while she took off to do her gardener thing. After she left Richard showed up. He finished refurbing (at his house) a 'Specialized' BMX bike that is really sweet. He rode it in to the shop. He selected another bike, fixed it up enough to be streetworthy and rode that back home to finish repairing.

There was a voice mail from Jacquelyn from Prairie Crossing Apts. at Allied Drive. She is some sort of Activities Director. They are having some sort of event Thurs., June 29/30 and wondered if W4W could donate some bikes. While this is most certainly a worthwhile event, I was thinking it would be best to hang on to the bikes we have to give out for our regular Earn-A-Bike program. If anyone has a different take on this and would like to call Jacquelyn, her numbers are 279-7747 or 225-2478. Julie tried calling her back but was only able to leave voice mail.



At 7:36 PM, Blogger Darwin said...

We don't give away bikes for no reason. The kids are welcome to do the volunteer work and earn a bike.

At 9:25 AM, Blogger mark_evans said...

I agree. I've been out of town, but it seems we are getting more and more requests from orgs for kids to do earn-a-bike and tho we have a back-log of bikes to repair, that could decrease quickly.


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