Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The REI Bikes

Chuck Strawser has offered to go with me over to the Ironworks and give me an idea of what the resale value of the assorted bikes that we won't likely refurbish is...in exchange for first dibs on purchase rights. Is there any restrictions on access to the site other than just when someone is around? Anyone got a problem with this idea?

Same goes for what is left at REI when we manage to go grab it...in particular a good estimate on the tandem would be nice.

Also related to Chuck Strawser...ironically...he's trying to get rid of some of the bike stuff that he has collected...especially trash picked bikes. He probabaly has ten or so finished adult bikes in various styles and sizes if anyone is in a buying mood (he charges very good rates...when he's not giving stuff away for free)...as well as a kids bmx that he said he'd donate to Wheels.

If anyone wants to hook up with Chuck to look at his inventory...his email is chuck@bfw.org


At 7:24 PM, Blogger gail said...

maybe we can sell some of chuck's donated bikes, etc. in exchange for donations at the wrench a thon...i'm trying to get some people i know who are old and not very bike repair talented to just stop by and have a beer or whatever food we decide to have and maybe some people like that will make donations or purchase a bike or whatever...what about food? do we want to grill stuff? i can get greatly reduced food at kraft--well, any of us can go over to the kraft store up the street and get stuff really cheap--not that i personally usually eat hot dogs or brats or whatever, but that might go well for the wrench a thon?


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