Tuesday, June 06, 2006

24 hour repair event

Looking at the to-do list for June (posted at http://my.calendars.net/wheelsforwinners):

1. Repair x number of bikes2. Someone should look into what is up with the Vera Court shed3. Make sure we have enough kids for mentor program4. Decide on 24 hr bike repair event date (and if to do at all)5. Board reports on task progress at meeting

Which got me thinking about the 24 hour bike repair event. Given that we might be running out of repaired bikes soon...and we could use some promotion to potential volunteer mechanics...this idea is looking better and better to me. I think that we ought to pick a date in July and go for it. Let's do that at the meeting next week. What do people think about July12th (when our July board meeting is scheduled)...starting at 5 or 6pm on the 12th and going through, say 6am the next morning??? Or 6pm the next day??? Or should it be on a weekend instead?

Incidentally...I could probably bring an extra stand and set of tools to such and event and I bet I could get Chuck Strawser to do the same. I might even be able to get a band to play in the Wheels parking lot during the event if people have an interest in that.


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