Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Checking In

So...I'm getting to my Wheels for Winners to do pile and I've lost track of where we stand with some things:
1. REI Adopt a we have a firm prospect besides Colleen Hayes? Am I supposed to be doing anything about this or are we going to assume that we won't be able to follow up with this until fall?
2. Cap Times mentor are we for participants? Should I still be contacting MSCR to see if they can send us anyone?
3. Second round of REI bikes...when and who is going to get them? Do I need to help?
4. WORT,time?, location? do I need to follow up with anyone?
5. Are we going to create a supervisory volunteer schedule for Wrench-a-thon? I can commit to the better part of the day on July 21st (noon to midnight?plus possible the WORT interview in the morning)...but would rather not have to be there on the 22nd
6. What's the status with the mystery Chuck McFarland 30 bikes...we really should get those soon.
7. What is your quest? your favorite color?

Tuesday Night in the Shop: Phil, calls, and old bikes

it was a snoozer in the shop this week...

I did clear a lot of voice mail, and called back and talked to a lot of answering machines. We are a popular organization. It seems that everyone has 40-50 kids who have earned their hours and are ready to collect a bike. OY! Let's hope some of them like 22.5" mixte Peugeot Women's road bikes (ha ha just kidding!). The 24 hour Wrench-a-Thon comes along at just the right time. Perhaps we need to diversify... create a West-Side Wheel's Branch? You know... with an esspresso bar, New York Times, therapist, and nail salon? (har har)

And where are those mysterious 30 bikes anyway?

A fella named Phil, a trek employee who used to 'wrench' for Wheels, stopped in with a real nice trick bike, a passel of 27" tires, and a box of tubes to donate. Had a nice chat about Trek, Wheels, and how he used to work with a bunch of High School kids that were associated with some mountain biking club at their school. I wish I knew what school he was talking about; HS kids in the summer would be a great resource during the summer weather. He gave me his card (at TREK) and told me to write him there. He would then put a post on the TREK board (at the TREK plant) to see if any TREK employees would want to 'wrench' volunteer for us in the shop. I'll ask him about the HS connection as well.

There are two doozy classics in the rack out back. One is a Roadmaster Skyrider balloon tire bike with a huge basket. A bit faded. The other is a nifty Dunelt 3-speed (British made... must be early 60's). They've both seen better days, but might be salvageable? Do we hang them on the ceiling for Swap material? They aren't as 'ready to go' as some of the swap gems. There is a fella on the west side that fixes up old 3-speeds and cruisers. One idea I had was to contact him and find out if he had any newer fixed up kids bikes and swap these 'projects' for kids bikes; then we inspect the kids bike, and send them out the door.

of course, we could just recycle

see how my mind works? and I have to live with it everyday

Saturday Coverage

I forgot to pen my name in on the calendar last night

I will open Saturday, 7-1
My schedule coming up in the next couple weeks is going to be really packed, so I'll take this one.

If I get a chance, I'll unlock the door today and pen my name in

More bikes from REI...

My son and I went to REI yesterday afternoon (6/27). By taking off the pedals and turning the handlebars sideways we were able to get 9 bikes in my truck. I transported them to the Ironworks.
There are seven bikes left at REI, including a tandem.
Tonight, Chuck Strawser and I are scheduled to go to the Ironworks and 'assess' the bikes.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Thurs., 6/22 and Sat., 6/23 at the W4W shop...

Thursday night Sean dropped by. His wife's bike, which she earned from Wheels needed some new cable housing for the rear shifter which I gladly took care of. Later, Mark and Micah dropped by as well. Micah rebuilt a bike a while ago and enjoyed the process so much that he came back to refurb another one.

Sat., 6/24, Julie opened the shop. I got there later and after a while she took off to do her gardener thing. After she left Richard showed up. He finished refurbing (at his house) a 'Specialized' BMX bike that is really sweet. He rode it in to the shop. He selected another bike, fixed it up enough to be streetworthy and rode that back home to finish repairing.

There was a voice mail from Jacquelyn from Prairie Crossing Apts. at Allied Drive. She is some sort of Activities Director. They are having some sort of event Thurs., June 29/30 and wondered if W4W could donate some bikes. While this is most certainly a worthwhile event, I was thinking it would be best to hang on to the bikes we have to give out for our regular Earn-A-Bike program. If anyone has a different take on this and would like to call Jacquelyn, her numbers are 279-7747 or 225-2478. Julie tried calling her back but was only able to leave voice mail.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The REI Bikes

Chuck Strawser has offered to go with me over to the Ironworks and give me an idea of what the resale value of the assorted bikes that we won't likely refurbish exchange for first dibs on purchase rights. Is there any restrictions on access to the site other than just when someone is around? Anyone got a problem with this idea?

Same goes for what is left at REI when we manage to go grab particular a good estimate on the tandem would be nice.

Also related to Chuck Strawser...ironically...he's trying to get rid of some of the bike stuff that he has collected...especially trash picked bikes. He probabaly has ten or so finished adult bikes in various styles and sizes if anyone is in a buying mood (he charges very good rates...when he's not giving stuff away for free) well as a kids bmx that he said he'd donate to Wheels.

If anyone wants to hook up with Chuck to look at his inventory...his email is

Mon., June 19th at the W4W Shop

Charlotte is gone for two weeks on her Alaska cruise. Sigrun has, conversely, come in from Alaska and is filling in for Charlotte.

A new volunteer looks to be starting on Mon's and Wed's...her short name sounds like "Yim" to my provincial midwestern ear. She is newly arrived from Vietnam and is learning English.

Fred Appleton will be doing a short presentation for Amy Martin at Glendale School this week.

My daughter, Scout, worked with Molly for a while and I think they had a pretty good time.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Repair a Thon

I've received three interested emails about the repair-a-thon from people I don't even know...and a couple from friends of mine too. I think it's gonna be good.

Picked up first load used bikes from REI...

Dar; Kim's son, Nile; and Kim took two vehicles and the trailer over to REI on Friday afternoon (6/16/06) and got a load of some 40 bikes and transported them to the Ironworks where they are now stowed.
There is quite a variety of bikes in varying conditions.
Once we get the remainder of the bikes from REI, we can start sorting bikes between W4W bike repair shop and Ironworks.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mark's Schedule upcoming

Thought I'd just post a post regarding my schedule in coming weeks:

I am leaving for Bike Northwoods early Saturday AM (LaCrosse to Sheboygan)

Saturday 6-17 to Sunday 6-25

Between when I get back until 7-10 I will be available but consumed with planning nuptials.
I'll be able to cover my usual Tuesday shift, but not sure of any Saturdays -- tho I might want to come in as it would be a good stress reliever (har har). Maybe one of the several new volunteers I've exchanged communiques with will step up.

I will also be out of town the second week of August, but more on that later

See everyone at the Board Meeting tonight

Extra hours handing out bikes...

Girl Neighborhood Power, part of Atwood Community Ctr, wants to bring by some girls to pick up bikes possibly starting next week, at the 3:30 - 6 time frame on Tues. and Thurs.
Possible dates are 6/20, 6/22, 6/27 & 6/29.
These'll be groups of around 6 girls.
Let me know if anyone is available to help.
I can't schedule these dates until I find folks to accomodate.

Thanks, Kim

Thanks to Patrick for Bike Repair Stand

Not sure where he got it, but Patrick Pecher donated a superpluscool bike repair stand.
it's got wheels, adjustable height, and, if memory serves, it may even be Italian made.

REI Bike Fest - Grant received

REI Bike Fest was a most excellent affair.
While it was so windy that everything not nailed down went flying, all else was great.
W4W received a $5,000 grant from REI. We also received 40 or more donated bikes and a bunch of new bike parts.
Gail, Dar and Kim were there 11 - 3, talking to folks and handing out flyers.
Swing by the W4W shop and see the jumbo-sized presentation check.


Friday, June 09, 2006

REI - Bike Fest & Grant

REI's Bike Fest is Sat., June 10th, 11 - 3.
W4W is REI's non-profit of the month. Kim and Gail will be there and anyone is welcome to come and support W4W and REI.

REI will be making a presentation to W4W at 2 p.m. - We will be receiving the used bikes from the month-long REI bike drive; we will be receiving a 'bunch' of brand new bike components - wheels and stuff - .... and .... REI will be making a grant presentation to W4W!

Come on out and join us!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Other Space Thoughts

Just another comment on space...over the next six months or so I am going to be meeting with a number of potential funders and foundations to feel them out about a capital campaign for Bicycle Federation in 2008. My first ask is for endowment money...but if funders seem more interested in helping BFW buy a building...I might go that way. If that was the case...I would certainly also feel them out about their interest in space where BFW and Wheels could co-locate. is a far away pipe dream...but I have it in the back of my mind.

24 hour repair event

Looking at the to-do list for June (posted at

1. Repair x number of bikes2. Someone should look into what is up with the Vera Court shed3. Make sure we have enough kids for mentor program4. Decide on 24 hr bike repair event date (and if to do at all)5. Board reports on task progress at meeting

Which got me thinking about the 24 hour bike repair event. Given that we might be running out of repaired bikes soon...and we could use some promotion to potential volunteer mechanics...this idea is looking better and better to me. I think that we ought to pick a date in July and go for it. Let's do that at the meeting next week. What do people think about July12th (when our July board meeting is scheduled)...starting at 5 or 6pm on the 12th and going through, say 6am the next morning??? Or 6pm the next day??? Or should it be on a weekend instead?

Incidentally...I could probably bring an extra stand and set of tools to such and event and I bet I could get Chuck Strawser to do the same. I might even be able to get a band to play in the Wheels parking lot during the event if people have an interest in that.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Future Space

I noticed that there is some "storage space" for rent on Winnebago St...I think the address is 1200-something...near 4th street...a large brick building with a garaged door. Nice location, nice building. I took down the info and will call for cost and availability. I called today, but no one answered.

I see alot of warehouse space sitting vacant around the east side. I've got no grand desire to move...but I know that a more accessible location is on the long term wish list...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Saturday coverage for W4W Shop...

Here's the Sat. schedule for June 2006:

June 3 - Mark E.
June 10 - Kim S.
June 17 - Don S.
June 24 - Julie S.

My dilemma is that I am signed up for June 10, but I want to help represent W4W at the REI Bike Fest June 10th.

Can someone do one of the following?:

- Swap Sat.'s with me
- Open the shop June 10
- Go to REI Bike Fest June 10th

Please let me know. If no response here I might send out e-mail.

- Kim

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Atwood Comm Ctr - 47 Girls want bikes?

I have been exchanging e-mail with Sarana at Atwood Community Ctr - Girl's Group.

I think she is saying that she has 47 girls who'd like to get bikes. I will try to get more details and work with her. If you want, you can look at our e-mail exchanges on the Wheels e-mail account.