Thursday, May 18, 2006

TV Coverage this morning

Colleen Hayes from Sherman Middle School did an interview on NBC 15 at 6:30am this morning to promote Bike to School Day (part of Bike to Work Week) and in the interview she mentioned Wheels for Winners, the requirements to earn a bike, and showed the web address. Randol White made a big deal out of what a great program it was and asked for the website to be shown a second time. She did a great job...the only rough spot was when Randol asked her where Wheels got its funding and she didn't know...but she did say that it was run by all volunteers and Randol said "well I hope that they continue be funded where ever the money comes from"


At 4:09 PM, Blogger mark_evans said...

this is great!
We received a message from a Princial of a Sun Prairie school; he has helped young kids get bikes and learn to ride, and be safe riding... I wonder if he checked us out after seeing the interview?

He wanted to know how he could work with us to get kids bikes. I suggested he work with local S.P. civic groups to create volunteer ops for SP youth... and we'd be happy to provide bikes for Earn-a-Bike participants. I'll call him later as well (unless this falls under the umbrella of OUTREACH?


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