Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday Night At the Wheels Shop

Time for another Shop BLOG (from the blog-o-sphere)

Tuesday Night at the W4W shop...

Berit and I opened up, and she set to work tearing down one of the surplus bikes (have we got bikes... and a few klunkers too). I was helping her get a rusty brake lever off when a group of 6 walked in to get bikes. Yee-ha!
We ran the garage door up seeing as it was nice enough out, and the earners looked over the stock from both ends of the aisle. I extracted the bikes, adjusted seats, and set them off test riding and then answered questions. They were thrilled!
As I finished off the waivers and passed out stickers and licenses, Ryan, a potential volunteer that I have been conversing with thru e-mail, strolled in. Yee-Ha!! I rifled thru the file drawer, found a volunteer app, and sat him down to fill it out as the five bikes went out the door.... and just as two more earners walked in. Yee-ha!!

They picked out a couple bikes, took them for test rides, and then we fitted helmets. Ryan hung out a bit and we chatted about what he did and when he might be interested in pitching in (he is a carpenter by trade). We'll let Charlotte do her magic and then give him a call.

And then Richard shows up. Yee-ha!! With a box of 800 1/4" ball bearings that he got a huge deal on! Yee-ha!! Berit spent a few minutes on homework while Richard straightened out a wheel on the truing stand. Steve Miller, The Rolling Stones, and The Moody Blues played on the radio. A light rain fell outside.

Richard stayed on after 8 PM. As Berit and I left, I picked up a few rims that had been scattered on the ground by the door. Hmm... what's this? A-ha! 4 sets of French 'sew up' rims (Fiamme and others) Yee-ha!! Now I don't want these crazy things, but they are worth upwards of 30 bucks a pair to purists that collect and use 'tubular' tire-wheels. Set them aside for the swap or for a special sale. They would fetch many 'helmets and locks.'

Nuff for now.... nuthin' like hangin' at the shop.


At 3:16 PM, Blogger jgammey said...

nice, mark! sound like you had an eventful evening!


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