Friday, May 05, 2006

Speaking of bikes to sell: Peugeot

I guess this goes to the 'save for the swap' thread or do we post it?

I hung a Peugeot frame on a peg in the first room (w/the stool)
White with some nice chrome on the forks
Medium size
Peugeot brakes intact
Looks like an early-mid 70's frame, light for a steel frame

these types of steel frames are lusted after by those single/fixed gear 'I-hang-out-at-Revolution-cycles' bombers and might fetch a few bucks (err... pay for a few helmets).
so I did not toss it on the recycle heap


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Kim said...

Great. I was working on the Cannondale the other day too. We'll have some stuff for the garage sale. Any idea what the Puegeot frame and the Connondale should be priced at or the minimum price?

At 12:55 PM, Blogger mark_evans said...

I washed off the Cannondale as well. NIce bike with a few nicks.

The Peugeot frame is one of those classic things... not ready to ride. It's more of a project for the right person. 25-30 dollars maybe?? It's not real high end, and it has some nicks, but overall in good shape, and would make a project/single speed. Could take it to the Monona sale, or I could post it on C-list Madison

The Cannondale? Really needs a new chain, and maybe a new gear cluster (it works, but is a bit rusty). Wheels are fairly true, gears work, brakes work... just a bit banged up i front. 55-75 dollars?

This is entirely unscientific


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