Monday, May 08, 2006

Repair Supplies, Chris Taballerio leaving...

Finally, finally, finally....I got an order of bike supply parts through. Brake cables, shifter cables, cable housing, cable end crimps, and ball bearings. And at a great price! This was a process that has taken almost 6 months!!! If you are ever at Revolution Cycle and/or otherwise see Jeff, be sure to thank him. It was kind of a pain for him to set up the account. He did it to support us and bicycling in the community. It would be nice to send him some sort of acknowledgement.

We will be needing other stuff soon or now....more blue grease, orange hand cleaner, paper towels/shop towels. Anybody going to Farm & Fleet and want to buy this stuff and be re-imbursed? I will get together a firm list.

I dropped by last Sat. (May 6) Chris Taballerio (sp?) is leaving town for New York City. He has been our first Sat. of the month guy for opening the shop and a good mechanic. What to do, what to do? It would be a pretty low-key committment to open the shop one Sat. a month.

FYI - Nick Birch at High Impact next door to the shop says that High Impact would do signage or stickers or t-shirts or other promotional stuff at a 'significant discount'...whatever that means.


At 12:50 PM, Blogger mark_evans said...

Since I an going to miss the Meeting this month, and i could use a trip to F&F, I will volunteer to do a trip over there in the next week. Do they carry hub grease? Make up the list and I'll take care of it.

Sorry to hear we are losing a Saturday opener. I will take on a Sat/month until we can some up with another. With luck the timing will be good... I have a few Weekend comitments over the Summer; I'll check the calendar tonight.

Jim Reynolds turned up a couple Saturdays back after a long absense. Perhaps I'll try to ask him for a more regular commitment.


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