Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another breezy Tuesday in the Shop

It rained lightly as I biked in after work... but not hard enough to dampen any spirits.

The Shop is looking pretty crowded with lots of bike donations and bikes needing inspection. Looks like we will need to shift some bikes to the Atwood storage facility.

I got a couple calls from bike donors, and then a call from Paul, a contact at Bayview, who was bringing some Earn a Bike folks. Sure enough, they came about 20 minutes later, and then the circus was on! There were 5 earrners, plus forms that entitled a couple much younger kids to a bike. Phew! Just prior to their arrival, Sean J. called, indicating that he had a Bike Earner to bring in as well, and he'd pitch in with processing the other group. (Thanks and a tip of the hat to him!) Between the two of us, we got the papers filled out and helmets fitted. Plus I managed to almost put the finishing touch on a small bike I have been refurbishing.

I had a couple thoughts:
I spent some time looking for kickstands for two of the Earn-a-Bike bikes (not sure why they did not have stands already). Sean produced a box with NEW black stands -- the more appropriate for that vintage bike. I had spent some minutes pawing thru a crate of REALLY OLD kickstands. Got me thinking: Maybe we need to go thru some of the crates of stuff and decide if we need to keep it all. Some of the 'stands' for example, look like they came off bikes that were 20-30 years old. None fit the new bikes. It's getting touch to walk thru that middle room anymore. So an assessment of 'stock' parts is in order to make space.

Maybe a group of us should make spot decisions about which bikes have NO potential for restoration (especially ones hanging on hooks). I hate to ditch donations, but we need space.


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