Monday, April 10, 2006

the world of high technology (on the wheels!)

hey... this is cool! And here I am with a day off to check it out.
Just got back from a ride to Paoli (after a ride thru Oregon yesterday... the training run up to Bikenorthwoods has begun!)

I am going to compose a brief post for Craigslist (in the bikes forum and the volunteer forum) with a pointer to the W4W web site. Lots of folks troll the Bikes forum for buy-sell, so I will put a bug there about W4W and volunteer mechanics ops. I will also check to see how graphic saavy I am; perhaps we can come up with a simple, trademark flyer to hang in shops. Will need to dig up a list of volunteer e-mails.

AN IDEA for Comm outreach:

while getting out of town on the SW path, I noticed the sad litter mess from Just beyond Cub foods to the end of the path (where it T intersects). Cleaning this up would be a PRIME volunteer op for kids in that neighborhood. Do we have a contact at Allied Drive Comm org? This task covers lots of issues: the volunteer hours; cleaning the path; concern for neighborhood beauty and safety, etc. If we could plant this out there now, kids could get bikes before summer.

Just brainstorming


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