Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Volunteer Mechanic update (and some true bloggin')

Just want to update the crew on Volunteer-action that is going on

Wed. Night Bike Rides and Bombay Bike Club agreed to add link on their information pages. Bombay told me I could come by before one of their Sunday rides and spiel the Wheels-4-Winners story to the ready riders. I would have to contact the ride leader for that day and clear it with them. I'd bring along some mini-raisin boxes to hand out along with a small info-hand out or card (if we had one with current info); the fastest way to a volunteer's heart is thru their stomach. I am busy this week, but may look at the following Sunday.

I was also instructed to check out the Mad_Bikers yahoo group and post a volunteer call out on the forum there. I did get one solid inquiry, followed up, and am waiting to hear back.

We have gotten a couple bites for new volunteers. Thanks to Jessica for passing Mike Teff's message along. Mike will be stopping by the shop on Thursday to check out the digs and fill out a form. Mike sounds enthusiastic.

My 15-year-old daughter, Berit, was in the shop again on Tuesday, continuing her quest to become a COASTER BRAKE specialist. She managed to disassemble, clean, grease, and reassemble a coaster brake wheel from a bitty kids bike... and when it was done.. IT WORKED! You go girl! More on this as it develops.

Saturday in the Shop:
Started out quiet with me all alone with the bag full of Greenbush Bakery donuts. Kim stopped by to say hi, and then Jim Reynolds, a now-and-then volunteer from Waterloo arrived (he biked all the way in on his Longbike recumbent!); JIm picked right up with a bike he started some long time ago. Richard stopped by later, with a fixed bike in tow and started right in on a small BMX type bike. Jim is an old school sorta mechanic, always working the grinding wheel over some mishapen part (gave Richard a chuckle or two). It was a lively old time.

Spring time with the door wide open... makes the shop a nice place to be.


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