Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reply to Jessica

I should have typed this in a comment on your post (see how these things work), but I'm having trouble with the internet connection (I'm in Minneapolis...ain't technology grand?).

To answer your questions:
1. My intention (perhaps our collective intention is different) was for this blog to be a way for the board (and if it goes well, other volunteers) to communicate. So appearance was not all that important. That said...we can post one photo at the top...I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
2. As for document postings...I've wondered about that too...but don't see any way to do it. Do not dispair, however...that's what the main page www.wheelsforwinners.org is for.
3. As for photo gallery...also not what this blog is really good for...but I think that there are ways to get around that. Again...I would recommend that the photo gallery be posted at www. wheelsforwinners.org...but we'll need to chat with Kim about how much space he has available for the site, since he is hosting it.
4. I think that this blog is mostly for internal communication...and if we find it goes well...we can link to it from the main page and let the public in on reading the chatter. In the meantime...the next step would be telling the volunteers about it. I would recommend that we let the volunteers read...but not post...until we get control on this thing. Eventually we could let folks post too if it seems like a good idea.


At 8:41 AM, Blogger Kim said...

Hi this is Kim. It was not immediately apparent to me that the preceeding posting was from Dar...I found that a bit confusing.

Re: space for pictures on www.wheelsforwinners.org...there is plenty of space. And I have the skills to put up pictures right now on the existing website. Or we can wait until after the design. I would be happy to stick up whatever pictures we want for the near term.

At 7:00 PM, Blogger jgammey said...

good call, you're right, that's website stuff. Speaking of, I emailed don and arthur, neither have gotten back to me(as of 1 day), so I'll figure out plan b if they don't contact me.



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