Thursday, April 27, 2006

REI; Storage at Ironworks; Staffing; etc.


Okay...W4W has been nominated for an REI grant and I received the paperwork. I am turning the paperwork over to Gail (thanks Gail) to be filled in.

W4W will be highlighted as REI's non-profit of the month (May)

REI is also hosting a 'bike drive' from May 1 to June 10th. One June 10th they are going to do a 'presentation'. I don't know what the presentation is about really. I'll get more details.

Charlotte mentioned that we received a check for $250 from Budget Bikes. Not sure what that is apropos of, but it is a good thing.

On Friday (4/28) I am going to run through the procedure to open the Ironworks for storage. I mean how to turn off the security alarm and whatever else.

We've got a bunch of trashy bikes sitting outside the W4W shop right now. They need to be stripped or stowed or something.

Clarey Willard has started working at the shop on Mon and Wed. afternoons under the Cap Times mentor program. Not much experience but she's got a good attitude. She worked with me on Monday and Walt on Wed.

The W4W shop may be closed next Wed. (5/3) Fred A. is in Holland (?) and Walt B. will be gone, so Charlotte may not even bother to come it. I am dropping Clarey's mom an e-mail letting her know not to come in.

Sean Jindrich offered to sell bikes/bike components at a Monona Community Yard Sale...we're trying to get some stuff ready for that.

More later....



At 3:16 PM, Blogger Darwin said...

Roger Charley at Budget periodically gets generous with Wheels for no particular he might have just sent us $250 for the heck of it. I will process and send a thank you note...I am behind on thank you notes anyway


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